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The basic philosophy is to have you receive the best orthodontic treatment based on an accurate diagnosis based on the theme of “Beautiful teeth keep healthy and smiles from beautiful teeth bring a brilliant total life.” It is said. There is no difficulty in rearranging your teeth. However, you can get a more beautiful tooth alignment and smile depending on how precisely you control it and go to the final stage . What do you want, the treatment of your teeth once in a lifetime? Director: Kazuhito Fukuzumi

This is a dental clinic specializing in orthodontics (dental alignment) in Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture.
It explains the basic knowledge of orthodontics so that patients who come to the hospital for the first time often ask
questions, ask questions,
and determine the optimal start time for orthodontic treatment.

 For example, a nearby
child is said to be able to treat from the age of 12-13, but my child is said to start around 6-7.
 The reason why this difference arises is explained, including

the selection criteria for orthodontic treatment without extracting teeth and orthodontic treatment with extracting teeth (extraction)


Examples of treatments (cases) for each type of teeth are also included, so please see for reference what kind of
teeth you can apply and what
you can expect from orthodontic treatment .

We would like to increase the explanation of treatment contents, surgical methods, etc., and make an introduction book for orthodontic treatment

Japan Orthodontic Association Certified Physician
Independent Support Medical Designated Medical Institution

We strive to disseminate knowledge about accurate orthodontic treatment.

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