Treatment flow

Consultation : After confirming the condition of the jaw and mouth by interview, inspection, and palpation,we will explain in detail the possible treatment method

Determination of data collection date : Telephone contact on the day or at a later date

Collecting data : Take a photo of a tooth, face,X – ray, tooth type, etc.

1 week,Toothpaste practice : Basic tooth brushing After explaining how to brush after the device is put in, you will practice tooth brushing

1 week,Diagnosis : We will explain the details of treatment based on the materials.Prepare to install the device

2 Equipment installation : Now it ’s time to start treatment.

weeks, and every 3-4 weeks Equipment adjustment : We will proceed with treatment according to a detailed treatment plan, so keeping the appointment date will greatly affect the accuracy of treatment. It takes 2-3 years depending on the symptoms

End of treatment to move teeth :

Post-treatment retention : In order to ensure stability after treatment, a retainer, a simple tooth fixing device, will be worn for 1-2 years.
It is usually a regular checkup every month.

End :

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